Deathwatch: The Dead Crusade

Mission Seven: Gray Matter

Emperor's Children

Briefing: Hyzeron takes several steps back, his boots thumping loudly upon the deck plates. He seems relieved to be done with the formalities of awarding the purity seals and distinctions. “Now, to the matter of your next assignment,” the Captain punches a few rune-plates upon a nearby cogitator console and data begins to stream into the machine spirits of your armor. “As much as you may want to remain here and aid the reclamation of the Bestiarium, there are more pressing matters. I am uploading the most recent mission logs to you. Within you will find that Watch Captain Servais was present here in the fortress prior to the escape of Subject #696. His team departed the fortress aboard a Kill-ship bound for Vanity, a planet in the Cellebos Warzone.” Hyzeron pauses a moment, as if the evidence of his friend’s suspicious activity physically hurts him, “The log cites the recovery of a heretical noble named Edgarius Gray as his mission objective. Gray has apparently been questioned by the Inquisition before but has never been found guilty of any crimes against the Emperor. Either Servais knows more than the Inquisitors, or he is after…something else…in Gray’s possession.” None of you miss the subtle hint that Hyzeron believes Servais is after another one of the Honored Dead’s caskets. “Gray’s Manor occupies many blocks in the upper reaches of Hive Hubris. According to the Inquisitorial Adepts, Gray is wealthy beyond belief and employs extremely capable soldiers and servants. As of now, the forces of chaos that contest Vanity have yet to reach Hive Hubris’ upper levels, though I would advise you to expect the worst.”

“Your mission is to bring Servais back to Erioch alive.” Hyzeron pauses and levels a stern gaze at Brother Waechter, “Watch Captain Servais is your Battle-brother and a ranking officer. His life is more valuable than any xenos you will ever encounter, so I expect this won’t be an order you alter.” The Watch Captain returns his look the lot of you, “Bring Servais to me and me alone.” Hyzeron’s next few words leave an obviously sour taste in his mouth, “Resort to violence only if necessary. Despite Captain Servais’s recent actions, he has not been proven a heretic and should not be treated like one.”

Hyzeron spins on his heel to stare out over the still expanse of the Erioch system. “I am ordering you to board a Kill-ship instead of Captain Zin’s vessel. The trader is unfamiliar with his new role in the Deathwatch and he needs time to learn his place.”

Kill-team Objectives:

Primary Objective: Follow Watch Captain Servais to the hive world of Vanity and bring him to Watch Fortress Erioch (and Watch Captain Hyzeron) alive.

Requisition: 78 per Marine in the Kill-team



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